Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Provident Credit Union

Provident Credit Union has been making it hard to access through quicken for a long time. I can use Mint.com to access it but not Quicken or iBank. Well I think i figured it out. Basically they make you use a different user name for direct connect through iBank then they do through their website. But there is no way to sign up for a new "Quicken only" user name except through a special link that only Quicken has.

I downloaded an old version of quicken (2008), okay not that old, and got that link for you:

I just submitted my re-registration so hopefully it works. They say it takes a few days (why, who is really reading the application?) I'll update if it works. And hopefully the search engines will pick this up so everyone can find it.

Update: It worked! I didn't even have to use quicken to login, just used the password they sent me and logged in. I had to change to a new password, but that worked right in iBank.


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