Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You crave to shoot like a film star.

So a little life update. School started Monday. I think I'm like 10x more prepared this year than last year. I got instruments and lockers checked out in one day. That's pretty good compared to last year. It also helps that there's no weddings during the school year (yet). That's nice, but I wouldn't complain (Sharon and Dosey). I got the handbook and calendar out today, which is awesome. I really like my kids this year. I hope they stay as good as they have been acting. We'll see.

The trip back from Michigan wasn't so exciting. Three days on the road, driving all day every day. Its a lot of driving. I don't know how many of those I have left in me. Next time I hope I can take a little bit of time and see some stuff along the way. There's a couple of (semi)cool things that I curious about that I would stop and see if I had the time.

One little plug: While Taco and I were stopped for a car crash in Arizona, we stopped and talked with Justin. He's a photographer from Hawai'i. You should check out his website if you wanna see some pretty good pictures.

So Bill wants to do a trip sosmetime this year. Thinking about New Years. Vegas, South Padre Island and Tahoe have come up. Anyone up for it, or have another suggestiong? Talk to Bill. He needs something to make him feel important.


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