Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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Spring starts pretty early here in Cali. For those people who don't recognize the flower, its a nectarine blossom. And its in by back yard.
So Billiam got fired and has a few weeks off. I got spring break coming up, so I called up Bill and now I'm gonna go hang out on the east coast for spring break. Should be tons of fun. Damn there's a lot of people that live out there that I haven't seen in a while. Well except for alex and probe's wedding. And Bill's gonna get a hold of (S)phyllis and we'll have a corn dog or something.
People to see and things to do (or is that things to see and people to do?):
Eat a philly cheese steak
Tracy in Dirty Harry
Patty Cake
Am I missing someone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for you! ~tracy

9:01 AM  

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