Sunday, November 06, 2005


I finally unpacked my last box today. that took a long time. I ended up buying a dresser at Target, along with the matching night stand, so I had a place to put everything. Plus I got enough hangers to hang everything up. So this weekend has been pretty productive for me. As far as school, not so much. I have a parade on Friday for Veterans day. I shouldn't be too bad except for taking up a day that would normally spent sleeping in. I just need to set the block for that, and then catch up on the technology class i need to take. its such a waste of time. Think of TE taught solely over the web... wait i need to stop myself there. There is no teaching going on in this class. we just have to do stupid assignment. much like TE. Like put all our students in a spreadsheet and list their primary language and any learning disabilities. its a whole lot of stupid stuff like that. And here I thought I was done stupid stuff.


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