Sunday, September 11, 2005

Goodbye cruel world

Today I took my first step to returning to the Apple world. "Returning" you ask? Yes, my first computer was an Apple ][ plus. I remember getting this from my Aunt or something because they didn't use it anymore. Man did i use it a lot. with the awesome green screen and everything. Then my mom had an Apple GS for school with was really a pretty good computer for the time. Like 32 colors and an actual GUI. So now I've gone through 4 wintel computers and I'm just about done with them. the only thing they have going for them is all the new software that google is writing for them. So my mac mini being assembled. Probable in China, but I'll finally be able to shed the shackles of the Gates soon enough.


Anonymous Tracy said...

There, there. I know it's hard letting go sometimes. But you are making the right decision. Welcome back.


10:27 AM  

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