Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mac Mini

So I've had the Mac for about a week now. I think I like it. It funny that most stuff I do it doesn't really matter what OS is running. Email, websurfing, lesson plans. They all work the same. Finale still sucks no matter what platform its on. I only used the Apple mouse for about 5 minutes before i had to switch back to my four-button mouse. I could probably deal with just one button if there was a scroll wheel. otherwise, its just a good looking paper weight.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Raley's is or local grocery store around here. its pretty much sucks. it about like kroger. not that there is anything wrong with kroger, its fine when you have a meijer right down the road. But out here is CA, they didn't have a pioneering Supermarketeer, so all we have is Raley's. So i went shopping there today and at the bottom of the recipt it says "Get "Somethign Extra" FREE at Raley's." Now didn't get my "Something Extra" today and I'm woindering what it is, because either I really want it, or i really don't. I'm going to file a complaint tomorrow.

Goodbye cruel world

Today I took my first step to returning to the Apple world. "Returning" you ask? Yes, my first computer was an Apple ][ plus. I remember getting this from my Aunt or something because they didn't use it anymore. Man did i use it a lot. with the awesome green screen and everything. Then my mom had an Apple GS for school with was really a pretty good computer for the time. Like 32 colors and an actual GUI. So now I've gone through 4 wintel computers and I'm just about done with them. the only thing they have going for them is all the new software that google is writing for them. So my mac mini being assembled. Probable in China, but I'll finally be able to shed the shackles of the Gates soon enough.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

what. happened.

dude. sweet ass weekend. 3200 miles, 9 hours in a plane, a few odd hours in the car. lets see. i think the best thing was talking to hopper on the fun and him telling me that dosey can't talk on the phone because he was drinking and driving and talking on the phone while drinking and driving was unsafe. plus burning the tires. and the pool.