Wednesday, August 24, 2005

California knows how to party

OK so the first couple days are going great out here in california. But lets do the run down. getting out here. yeah, 33 hours in a car, not cool. audio books are cool. so once i'm out here, i meet with the guy i talk to over the internet to rent a room in a house. its pretty nice, so we agree on everything and i move in. sweet. i have a place to sleep. so the next morning i go over to human resources to sign some papers, and then they tell me about the new teacher orientation going on RIGHT NOW. so have to spend monday, tuesday and wednesday doing workshops instead of figuring out what the hell i'm going to do. so its a waste of time. but i did get to see my room. no my building. i have my very own band building. pretty sweet. along with my own office which is equiped with a secratary. i rule. then i learned from my secratary that the band boosters pays me a $8800 stipend. so now i'm rolling in the dough. so i'm sitting out here in cali where its warm and sunny making $50k my first year. this job keeps getting better and better.


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