Friday, June 03, 2005

Old meets new

Recently i set up my old AMD K6/2 500Mhz computer with linux. Kubuntu to be specific. While i do have a 2.2 Ghz Dell laptop running XP sitting right next to it, i tend to use my 7 year old computer more. Yeah, its a little slow and i don't quite know how to do everything yet, i'm pretty sure i'm going to be forcing windows out of my life. Not completely, because there's still a few programs that are really good and only for windows. like Picassa, and the graph link software for my TI-86. and games, of course. but overall i'm pretty happy with it.
and then comes the cool thing. I find out that there is a way to use my mouse and keyboard on both comptuers at the same time. Its a nice little program called Synergy. It works for Mac, Windows, and *nix OSes. Basically i set it up with the mouse and keyboard attached to one computer and the other computer gets all the information over the network to tell it what to do. So i have two moniters, two computers, and one mouse and keyboard. I sure beats buying a KVM switch. and its a fun trick to do. over. and over. brb. and over. and you can cut and paste between computers.


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