Sunday, April 17, 2005

Spamity calamity!

So here are two little tools for kepping your email free from spam. You don't want to give gmail or hotmail's spam filters too much work. and then what if one gets through? don't take that chance. Say i want to take a look at an article in the NY Times. I head on over there, but then: You must register to view this site! Registration is FREE! Sure, i think, all you want is an email address to send all your marketing to. Enter BugMeNot. I can jump on over here and see if they have a public login/password to use. I just copy those over and i'm in.
But what if BugMeNot doesn't have a password, you say? Ok, jump on over to You can send an email with any user and read the email for 24 hours and then forget about it. Just remember that anyone can view email to pookmail.


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