Sunday, December 26, 2004

Happy Kwanikuhmas

So Merry Chirstmas to everyone. Mine was prett good. My sister came down with the little goons, so we've had a bunch of people here. I'm watching the Star Wars box set right now that i got from my brother. I have to say that the coolest thing i got was a dvd burner, so now i can steal all the dvds i want. I'm thinking about getting a netflicks subscription when dvds get a little cheaper. But i'll wait and see about that.

So upcoming plans for me: 28th JenBaker's shindig in Royal Oak. If you want to come and hang out, anyone is invited, jus email for details. Then on to Lunch's for his birthday on the 31st and new years eve, unless he plans on "hanging out" with sarah all night.

So anyone have comments on the new site design? I'm still working with it but i think its pretty sweet. there's also a RSS feed if you want to keep up with my blog that way. I'll put the link up permanently soon, but so now its about bed time for me.


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